Driving assessments

At Independent Rehabilitation Services, we know that driving can play an important role in lifestyle and the ability to be independent in everyday life. We also know that safety is everyone’s priority on the road and driving is a complex task we often take for granted.

After an accident or illness or as we age, the skills we need to drive safely may be compromised.

Vic Roads, your GP, healthcare professional, friend or family member may request you undertake an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment to determine if any medical condition(s) and/or disabilities impact on your fitness to drive.

An Occupational Therapy driving assessment has two stages – an off-road assessment (up to 2 hours) and, on a different day, an on-road assessment in a dual-control vehicle with a driving instructor (up to 1 hour).

Our Occupational Therapist will assess your ability to drive safely including physical ability, understanding of safe driving, judgement, reaction time and abiding with road laws.

Their recommendations are sent to VicRoads who make the final decision regarding driving capability.

You may be able to resume driving, your car may require modifications or you may be asked to take lessons to improve your driving skills.

On some occasions, the Occupational Therapist may recommend you do not continue driving for safety reasons.

Only specially trained occupational therapists that are registered with Vic Roads are permitted to conduct driving assessments. There is a cost for the comprehensive assessment.

Independent Rehabilitation Services has one qualified Occupational Therapy driving assessor who would be happy to discuss the process with you or for more information visit the VicRoads website www.vicroads.gov.au

We’re here to help. Please contact us with any questions you may have about your driving or a driving assessment. Contact Us

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