Support worker training

At Independent Rehabilitation Services, we believe that support workers can make all the difference in the progress of a client’s rehabilitation program and in engaging their client’s to participate in daily living tasks and becoming a part of a local community.

Support workers can be family, friends or paid helpers who assist in carrying out activities developed to increase independence and participation in daily living skills.

The role of the support worker is to engage their clients in programs that are set-up by the client’s Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Pathologist. By carrying out individualised treatment plans on  a regular basis, support workers play an important role in maximising the outcome of a treatment program set-up by Allied Health clinicians.

It is our philosophy that the ultimate goal of a support worker is for the client to do as much as they can without assistance.

Independent Rehabilitation Services provides extensive individualised training for paid and unpaid support workers working with their clients. Group training is also available for organisations identifying the benefits to upskilling their support worker staff.

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