Clients or their family members can make a referral directly via our referral form. If an external funding body is not involved in your care, treatment will fall under our private rates. Please see below for information or get in touch with our team for any further queries.


Home-based sessions will be invoiced at $230.00 per hour
Room-based sessions will be invoiced at $195.00 per hour

Any travel over 30 minutes from our office in Carnegie will be billed at $135.00 per hour (pro-rata in 15 minute blocks)

Please note that not all billable hours will be face-to-face, as clinicians may require time to prepare for sessions, liaise with other treating practitioners and complete report writing.


If the client has been referred by their GP under a Chronic Disease Management Plan (formerly known as an Enhanced Primary Care Scheme), they are eligible for a Medicare rebate of approximately $58.30 per session. Please note as we are a private practice, we cannot process this rebate. The client will need to claim reimbursement through Medicare after full payment has been made and a receipt issued from Independent Rehabilitation Services. Please consult your GP for further information regarding a Chronic Disease Management Plan.

Private Health

Clients will need to consult with their Private Health Provider directly to ascertain if they are able to claim for Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, or Speech Pathology Services through their private health. We cannot process private health claims, and you will need to process this rebate through your private health fund after full payment has been made and a receipt issued from Independent Rehabilitation Services.


Invoices for our services will be mailed/emailed to the person nominated. We accept payment via EFT and credit card.

Please note: Fees for the initial assessment must be paid in full prior to commencement of any further treatment. For ongoing treatment, if fees remain unpaid further treatment will be postponed until outstanding accounts are paid in full. In accordance with standard practice, full payment of the account is expected within 7 days. If the account remains unpaid, the matter can be referred to our collection agency, and this may adversely affect your credit ratings.

Cancellation policy

Clients will be billed the full fee unless a minimum of 48 hours notice is provided.

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