Senior OT, Meaghan Rennison recently celebrated her 5th anniversary at IRS so we caught up with her to find out more about her journey!

When did you start out as an OT and what inspired you to pursue this line of work, particularly as an OT specialising in neuro?

I started working as an OT in 2010, doing a rotational position working across acute, subacute and community settings. As part of this job, I rotated across 2 neurological wards (for clients with Parkinsons and for young adults with neurological conditions) and really enjoyed working in these areas. It was an area that I really enjoyed and then when I rotated into the community I knew that was the area I wanted to work in long term. I enjoyed being able to see clients in their own environment, doing activities that were meaningful to them.

What’s the most rewarding thing about being an occupational therapist?

I absolutely love problem solving each person’s unique goals with them. It’s very satisfying being able to find solutions to enable people to return to doing the things they enjoy, whether that is getting themselves ready for the day, playing pool or going surfing. It’s great to assist people to reduce the impacts of their disability on their participation in their life.

Looking back over the last 5 years, how has your role/the industry evolved?

The introduction and evolution of NDIS has been a significant change and has seen many people become more familiar with the OT role. It’s been great to see people have the reins back to steer their own supports and have more choice over who they see and what they want to work on.

What are 5 words you would use to describe workplace culture at IRS?


And finally, what are your professional goals for the next 5 years?

As I have just moved down the Bellarine Peninsula, my goals are to  build my caseload and clinical networks in the region to be able to expand the South West Hub of IRS!

Thanks Meaghan, so nice to learn a bit more about you!

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We’re very grateful to have such a wonderful team, growing and evolving with IRS!

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