A group of our Physios were treated to an inspiring in-service presentation at Push Mobility, a leading disability equipment provider here in Melbourne.

Push Mobility’s fantastic presenters, Danielle & Will, showcased a huge range of cutting-edge equipment, demonstrating how power assist devices, beach accessibility, recreational equipment, sports gear, accessories, ramps and adaptive clothing can redefine the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Our team was taken through a range of topics and were given the opportunity to take some of the equipment for a spin:

  1. Power Assist Devices: Innovative tools which not only reduce the physical effort required to propel a wheelchair but also enhance the overall mobility and independence of individuals with disabilities.
  2. Beach Accessibility: An extensive range of beach-friendly wheelchairs, mobi-mats and beach walkers allow all bodies to access and enjoy the beach. This is an area the Push Mobility founder, Shane Hryhorec, is very passionate about. Check out his not-for-profit organisation, Accessible Beaches.
  3. Recreational and Sports Equipment: We saw a range of equipment which enables people to participate in sports and adventure pursuits: from off-road wheelchairs, to handcycles, to the very cool Bowhead mountain bikes – they’ve got options for any activity our clients might want to try.
  4. Accessories: The presenters took us through some of the many adaptive accessories. Push Mobility’s selection of add-ons and enhancements allow individuals to customise their wheelchairs according to their unique preferences and requirements.
  5. Clothing: Push Mobility stocks adaptive clothing which is designed for people who use a wheelchair. The requirements of apparel for wheelchair users are unique, and this range has addressed the all the pain points – for example, length of tops, pocket placement and all-weather gear.

Push Mobility simply get how much equipment can raise the quality of life for people with disability. And this is due in no small part to the fact that Push Mobility’s team have lived experience – the majority of their staff are either individuals with disabilities or have a family member with a disability. This firsthand experience creates a culture where they genuinely understand the clients’ needs and challenges. We admire their commitment to empowering individuals in embracing life’s adventures and navigating every terrain.

Our team came away from this presentation with an expanded knowledge around what products are available in the market and more hands-on experience in setting up and using the equipment. We’re very excited to see some of these products enhancing the lives of our clients soon.

From the team at IRS, a big thanks for having us Push Mobility!