occupational therapist is sitting at the table talking with older female client

Community Based Rehabilitation

At Independent Rehabilitation Services, we believe that rehabilitation progress and achieving your goals is best made when in your own home and your own community, doing real-life tasks.  This is why, most of the therapy we provide happens where you live; home, work, shop, gym, library or your local park.  Whatever your goals are, we will work towards these in the environment where they would normally occur.

Maybe you have difficulty getting off your couch? We need to assess you getting off your couch or getting into your shower and see what we can do to help you to achieve this.

We believe that you need to relearn/practice daily living activities where you need to carry out these tasks either at home or in your local community.  Research shows that you need to practice activities many times, daily and weekly for you to relearn them.  So, our therapist will set you up with programs and train your family and /or your support workers to do these with you.

This means that you won’t see your therapist all the time. We will set you up and you will practice what you need to do and we will come back and review it.

We will measure what you do, so you can see how much you have improved. We work as a team to ensure we are all working towards the same goals.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have, call the rooms or ask your therapist.

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