Bouncing Back. Life. Transformed.

A podcast from Independent Rehabilitation Services, an allied health practice specialising in community based neurorehabilitation and disability.

Welcome to Bouncing Back, a podcast series brought to you by Independent Rehabilitation Services.

The reason why we made this podcast is to help you, the listeners, feel inspired, moved and empowered by the stories we tell. Each episode chronicles a journey about how someone has overcome life changing adversity as a result of an accident or medical diagnosis.

We also have stories from people who support our storytellers – like family, carers, and health professionals. These stories give a voice to people with disabilities and will challenge your perceptions about what you think they can really do. Our podcast series will give us all an opportunity to connect and bring our communities together.

Get ready to open your mind, listen, and with time you will also find yourself bouncing back to be your best self!

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Episode 1 – Welcome to Bouncing Back with Independent Rehabilitation Services

This introduction gives you an explanation of who we are, why we created the podcast and the benefits of sharing stories, for both the storyteller and listener.

Episode 2 – Fairytales can come true

Diane’s story is characterised by a fairytale romance following a devastating motor vehicle accident in 2014.

She sustained serious injuries including a shattered pelvis, broken neck and brain injury, which required many surgeries and years of rehabilitation.

In this episode, Diane provides a fascinating account of her recovery, highlighting the vast breadth of activities that the rehabilitation team can address, like returning to work, preparing for a baby, and learning to surf.

Threaded amongst all this is the story of how she met her husband who has been a wonderful support for her over the years. Now at the age of 30, Diane also has two beautiful children.

If you are looking for an uplifting story, tune in to listen to Diane with her ‘can do’ attitude and endless optimism.

Diane, interviewed for the Bouncing Back podcast by Independent Rehabilitation Services

Episode 3 – Ben’s rehabilitation journey after a stroke

Incredible is one of the first words you will think of when you listen to Ben’s story.

He was 39 years old on a business trip in Hong Kong, in 2016, when he experienced a catastrophic stroke. It affected one third of his brain and completely wiped out his ability to speak.

This recording is testament to the years of hard work that Ben has put in to rebuild his life. He is relentless in breaking through boundaries and he will change your perceptions of what someone living with disability can do.

Ben’s advice for his listeners is sincere, powerful and truly heartfelt – a must for anyone doubting what can be achieved.

Episode 4 – Brian and Robin: Roaring back to life

Brian and Robin are a lovely husband and wife duo who were involved in a nasty motorbike accident in 2018.

Whilst Robin walked away with a broken ankle, Brian was not so lucky. His injuries, including a brain injury, were extensive. The accident caused an abrupt halt to their busy lives. Brian faced the reality of closing his travel business, a lifestyle and a passion, far earlier than he had anticipated.

This recording was completed when Brian and Robin were 15 months into their rehabilitation after the accident, and Brian is 65 years old.

Their story of a couple working through the tough times together is punctuated by Brian’s fierce humour and bold personality.

The message for their listeners to ‘never give up’ is a suitable preface for a future full of hope and promise.

Photo of Brian and Robin, interviewed for the Independent Rehabilitation Services podcast Bouncing Back

Episode 5 – Step inside the world of our talented community speech pathologist Matt Fong

Enthusiastic and informative, Matt takes us through what a speech pathologist typically does on a daily basis and who they might provide therapy to.

He also shares some stories of working with clients, showcasing how much he loves what he does to help others.

Matt provides a great introduction to the life of a speech pathologist for anyone curious to know who makes up the Independent Rehabilitation Services neurorehabilitation team.

Episode 6 – Coming soon!