Several of our clinicians underwent a two day workshop in Motivational Interviewing, led by the amazing Dr. Kylie McKenzie, Clinical Psychologist and Motivational Interviewing Trainer.

A lot of thinking, reflecting, smiling, laughing, role playing and discussion went down over the two days. Such a productive workshop which will be extremely useful for the work we do with our clients.

The Motivational Interviewing concept:

Motivational Interviewing is a client-centred evidence-based approach that focuses on supporting individuals with behavioural changes. 

It is a specific approach that centres around eliciting the client’s own motivation for change, whereby the clinician and client work in partnership to develop a shared treatment plan. 

Rather than directing the client, the clinician guides the client along the journey and supports the client by focussing on their preferences and values.

Clinicians employ tools such as reflective statements, giving advice with permission and agenda mapping – a tool that can support the client to find a personally meaningful area of focus.

Motivational Interviewing directs the focus to the client, not the diagnosis, and is effective in supporting behavioural change across a range of lifestyle factors and domains.

“It was such an awesome couple of days run by Kylie. Everyone that took part was just so open to this learning and the experience. Awesome to connect with everyone, share our individual and client stories whilst also having to be vulnerable in our learnings.”

The workshop was a truly invaluable experience for all staff who took part. Everyone is walking away with a really effective tool in their tool belt, which will ultimately benefit our clients, and their families, who we work with each and every day!

At IRS we are committed to PD for all staff through our extensive Professional Development program. This is a combination of both internal and external professional development opportunities which are facilitated throughout the year. Our team thrive on constantly learning and expanding on their skills.

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