Sophie is part of the class of ’22, who joined our OT team in January.

Sophie is passionate about helping people in the community, and like all students over the past 2 years, managed to get through the last 2 years of her degree online. Bravo Sophie! 👏

What made you choose OT as a career?

I’ve always wanted to do my part in the community to enhance people’s quality of life…and OT was the perfect career path to fulfil this dream!

Tell us your 3 favourite things about being an OT?

  • Being a part of the process when clients achieve their goals
  • Taking on a strengths-based perspective on everything we do
  • Being a part of an amazing team

And 3 things about you we don’t know about?

  • I love running- Bring on Melb Marathon 2022!
  • Being outdoors

What is your fondest memory to date of your OT student experience?

Coming together with my OT cohort to celebrate graduating after 2 years apart in an online setting.

That is definitely worth celebrating and we think you’re going to be a 🌟 Sophie!