In the final of our new grad get to know you blogs, we meet Milly, a Speech Pathologist with an extensive background in disability support and a passion for helping people reach their potential.

Milly, why did you choose Speech Pathology as your career?

I have always wanted to work in an area that helps people. The more I learnt about Speech Pathology over the years and the wide range of practice areas involved in this profession, the more passionate I became.

Through working in the disability space, I learnt first hand the vital and life changing impact that Speech Pathologists can have on individuals, and I knew I wanted to be a part of that.

Tell us your 3 favourite things about being a Speechie?

Getting to know a wide range of people, supporting communication, and supporting people to achieve their individual goals, whatever they may be.

And what about you, your 3 favourite things?

Travel, music, food!

Finally, what’s your fondest memory to date of your Speech student experience?

Being remembered by name by clients while on placement always made me feel extremely special, and is a feeling I will never forget.

Thanks for sharing Milly, we know you will really shine at IRS ☀️