We’re excited to welcome Julia to IRS, an OT who was recently awarded the Occupational Therapy Australia Prize for Excellence in Professional Practice at the Charles Sturt University where she studied.

Julia’s award was for “…recognition of commitment to your studies over the past four years and you will be a wonderful ambassador for the University and the profession.”


We’re glad Julia decided to become an OT! Here’s more about why she did.

“I decided on OT as I loved the idea of problem solving with people to engage in the activities they want to do, need to do and are expected to do. I have always been passionate about helping others and I liked the idea of working with people in a holistic person-centred way.”

And what are your 3 favourite things about being an OT?

  • Being a critical thinker and creative problem solver
  • Working with people and building rapport with my clients
  • The variety of clinical and non-clinical areas OTs can work in

What are 3 of your favourite things you like to do?

“Watching reality TV (housewives, below deck, selling sunset- i love it all!), exploring new walking tracks and trying new restaurants.”

And tell us your fondest memory to date of your OT student experience?

“An occasion that has always resonated with me was during my first year placement in an in-patient rehabilitation ward. During an initial I noticed the patient sitting on an inflatable pool ring. I began to question why and how long they had been using it for.

The patient informed me they had been using the ring as a cushion for 2 years and it was for pressure care management like the GP had advised. Following the initial I located a ROHO cushion and explained how many options for seating there are that do not involve a pool ring. It was simple problem solving for me but changed the quality of life for my client and they were so grateful.”

Welcome to the team Julia, your future is bright! ☀️