We’ve celebrated a huge milestone this month:

18 years with Natalie Pribil – our cherished Business Manager

Here is what our founder, Kate Phillips had to say about working with Nat:

“These 18 years have flown by and that happens when you have the opportunity to work with an amazing woman such as Natalie.

I have been so fortunate to have her alongside me on this journey. When you have a work colleague – partner who is on the ‘same page’ it makes for an enjoyable work partnership. Nat lives our values and has worked so hard to develop our culture. She provides valuable leadership to all the team, our staff feel supported and nurtured and that’s because Nat loves her job and does it so well. I couldn’t enjoy my work at IRS without Nat beside me.

Thanks Nat, 18 years, here’s to 18 more!!”

In addition to Nat’s impressive innings, we’ve also celebrated:

  • 11 years with Pip Cape – Senior Occupational Therapist, Occupational Therapy and Speech Pathology Stream Leader

We feel so privileged that so many of our staff stay with us for such long stints, we are very lucky to have the loyalty and dedication of these absolutely wonderful people!

We also had a new starter this month, a big warm welcome to:

Interested in working with us too? Visit our Careers page.