On Thursday, IRS held our first social group bringing together clients who have had a brain injury to share experiences and meet new people.

Some of the topics discussed by the group included what it’s like to wake up in the hospital not knowing what happened to you, how to cope without a sense of taste and/or smell, dealing with memory and fatigue issues, and returning to work and driving post-injury.

Despite each person and their rehab recovery journey being different, the group participants all agreed that sharing their own stories and meeting others who had been through a similar experience was invaluable in widening their perspectives about brain injury recovery.

Matt Fong Speech Pathologist and IRS client social group

The IRS social group is currently in its pilot phase, and we have big plans to start up a goal-based, 12x fortnightly session group program for clients with a brain injury in the near future.

The group’s purpose will be tailored to each individual’s identified goals, with example goals including wanting to meet similar minded people and socialise, learn more about brain injury from others and getting out into the community more often.

If you or someone you know has had a brain injury and might be interested in joining our group, please contact us at help@independent-rehab.com.au. Prior booking is required and numbers are limited.

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