Did you know we hold monthly social group meetups at IRS?

These groups are specifically aimed at people living with acquired brain injury (ABI) and they offer a safe space for social connection and engagement.

No matter what stage the attendees are at in their recovery journey, the social group can be very beneficial for general wellbeing and might even be related to a specific goal that they are working on through therapy (ie. confidence, conversation, making friends).

We typically host the social group at our office, but there are plans for a Summer barbeque in the park and cafe catchups. We hope to expand the group and reach as many people living with ABI as we can.

Group participants agree that sharing their stories and meeting others who’ve been through a similar experience is invaluable in widening their perspectives about brain injury recovery.

Here is what’s usually involved in the ABI Social Group:

  • We go around the table and each attendee is encouraged to share a little bit about themselves
  • There are ice-breakers and topics planned to get the conversation flowing
  • Our IRS clinicians are there to guide the group and keep things moving in a good direction
  • Attendees can gain quite a lot from the social interaction
  • We create a laid back friendly vibe, with background music and light refreshments
2 people sitting at a table engaging in conversation

It’s fantastic to see the genuine connection and sense of community that the social group brings to people’s day. It’s a big piece of the puzzle in regards to an individual’s recovery journey and we’re happy to facilitate it!

We also host an ABI Social Group for Mandarin speakers as there is a significant need for this in the community. The group is run by a Mandarin speaking IRS clinician and we also have an interpreter present.

If you know of anyone who might benefit from either of these social groups we offer, please get in touch for more information.

ABI Social Group
Matthew Fong

Mandarin Speaking ABI Social Group
Wei Lin Ooi