Stephanie Barel

Stephanie’s physiotherapy journey began at The University of Melbourne, completing her post-graduate degree of Doctor of Physiotherapy in 2018. Stephanie’s dedication to helping others extends beyond a decade in the healthcare industry, previously working as a Clinical Pilates Instructor and Myotherapist.

Stephanie is equipped with comprehensive skills in managing conditions such as Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, SCI and Traumatic Brain Injury. Stephanie has a passion for incoporating movement therapies such as Pilates and yoga in her rehabilitation alongside other modalities to help empower clients on their transformative path and achieve their goals.

Stephanie has extensive experience supporting clients in managing pain, spasticity, posture, gait disorders and falls. She has worked with neurological patients with all different abilities including hoist transfers through to those with return to running goals.

Stephanie supports clients to explore:
– aquatic therapy (hydrotherapy) and returning to gym, sports or recreational activities
– healthy lifestyle changes and personal empowerment
– specialised equipment prescription such as standing frames, mobility aids, hoists, transfer aids

Outside of work, Stephanie cherishes the time spent with her young family and fluffy samoyed, sipping lattes, and seeking out the next delicious food experience.


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