Philippa Sawyer

Philippa completed her Master of Speech Pathology in 2012. She has worked at a number of hospital and community based settings around Melbourne. She is experienced in providing support to adults with a range of disabilities including Aphasia, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, acquired brain injury, Motor Neurone Disease and Parkinson’s Disease.

Philippa is an augmentative and alternative communication specialist and has extensive knowledge and experience in speech generating devices and communication apps and software. She worked at ComTEC, where she provided specialist advisory, training and mentoring to people with complex communication impairment, therapists, families and carers.

Philippa is passionate about people’s right to clear communication. She was a Regional Communication Officer for Scope CAN and has consulted with local health services and sports centres to improve their communication accessibility at an organisational level. Philippa is a member of AGOSCI and has trained at Mental Health Victoria to work with people who have a psychosocial disability.

She has a Master of Arts and in her previous career, she worked in Melbourne and London as a managing editor and web content producer. Outside of work, she likes to swim, watch live music and cook with her two teenage sons.


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