Libby Bussau

Libby is a senior physiotherapist who has been with IRS for over 18 years. She has a vast range of experience in community neurological physiotherapy working with a wide range of neurological disorders such as ABI, SCI, Stroke, MND, MS, PD, and many other rare disorders. Libby’s passion is in assisting clients to achieve their goals and be active in the community.

Libby has extensive experience in supporting clients in managing:
– spasticity
– pressure care
– postural management and seating
– manual handling and transfers
– vestibular management (dizziness)
– gait disorders
– falls
– challenging behaviours
– dual diagnoses including neurological conditions and mental health disorders
Libby enjoys supporting clients to explore their goals and maximising their function through:
– aquatic therapy (hydrotherapy)
– gym programs
Рsports and recreation (past experience in bike riding, running, SUP, swimming Рocean & pool, horseback riding, shot put, discus, javelin, badminton, table tennis)
– specialised equipment prescription including wheelchairs, standing frames, mobility aids, hoists, beds.
– reengaging in or adjusting to changing life roles within the family unit including post childbirth
– use of motivational interviewing to maximise client experience and self efficacy
– postural assessment to maximise seating and lying

Outside of work Libby loves spending time with her young family, travelling and participating in a variety of physical challenges.

This year Libby will celebrate 19 years with IRS.


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