James Morley

James is a Grade 2 Physiotherapist who joined IRS as a new graduate in 2018. James has spent his career solely in the community neuro space and has a passion for building rehabilitation into people’s daily lives. James has extensive experience in managing persistent pain for people with neurological disorders such as ABI, SCI and stroke – working collaboratively to build up community participation and quality of life. James also has ample experience working with people to return to high level activity, such as mountain biking, snowboarding, skateboarding and organised sport. Lastly, James works extensively for people with SCI to help achieve their goals – whether that be to maintain health, prescribe customised equipment, return to work or excel in a new sport/activity.
James has extensive experience supporting clients in managing:
– Pain
– Spasticity and tone
– Pressure care
– Posture
– Gait disorders
– Falls
James works in a number of settings, including:
– Client’s homes
– Gym
– Warm water pools
– Sport/rec centres
– In the community
Outside of work, James loves heading out on overnight hikes, mountain biking and playing cricket.

This year James will celebrate 6 years with IRS.


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