Celine Anthony

Celine came to IRS after graduating from a Master of Speech Pathology in 2020, having previously completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences, majoring in psychology and disability

Celine has experience in managing clients with:

  • Aphasia
  • Dysphagia (swallowing impairment)
  • Cognitive-communication disorders
  • Progressive neurological disorders
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Stroke

Celine enjoys supporting clients to meet returning to work goals and functional goals, such as being able to converse with friends and family, or to enjoy food and drink safely and comfortably. She also supports her clients to attend social and communication groups such as the ABI Social Group at IRS. 

Celine was drawn to Speech Pathology in the community as it allows her to support and advocate for her clients to do the things that  they want to do in everyday life, while working towards functional, meaningful goals.

When not at work, Celine spends time with family and friends, cooking or eating yummy foods, enjoying music, and looking after her cute little backyard chickens.

This year Celine will celebrate 3 years with IRS.


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