Alex Scott

Senior Physiotherapist, Physiotherapy Team Leader

Alex completed her Physiotherapy degree in 2011 at the University of Newcastle in Australia and has an eclectic work history across a variety of clinical settings, both in Australia and the UK.

Alex takes great pride in empowering her clients to self-manage their health, within their home environment. Alex finds her work hugely gratifying and it continues to give her a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Alex has a particular fascination for pain science and completed post-graduate studies in Pain Management through the University of Sydney.

Alex was appointed Physiotherapy Team Leader in 2018.

Alex is passionate about environmental sustainability and has recently started an Urban Farming and Permaculture course. On weekends, you can usually find Alex hiking in nature, tending to her veggie patch or turning her compost.

Alex will celebrate 6 years with IRS in 2022.