Client’s Rights and Responsibilities

For the best possible health outcomes, Independent Rehabilitation Services acknowledges the following client’s rights and responsibilities.

Client Rights

Each client has the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect
  • Be treated as an individual 
  • Have your needs, values and beliefs recognised and sensitively responded to
    • Have your privacy and autonomy respected
    • Be given clear and accessible information regarding your treatment 
  • Choose your therapist and request to see their qualitifications
  • Seek a second opinion 
  • Refuse treatment
  • Have someone else present during your treatment or in a meeting
  • Not be discriminated against for any reason including age, gender, ethnicity, beliefs, sexual preference, health status, impairment, industrial activity, marital status, physical features, political beliefs or activity, pregnancy, sexual orientation or personal association with another person. 
  • Access an advocate including an independent advocate
  • Provide feedback (positive or negative) to their treating therapist or to the practice

Client Responsibilities

Clients are expected to:

  • Treat our staff with courtesy and respect
    • Communicate your needs and concerns in a timely manner
  • Tell us if your circumstances change or incidents occur
  • Participate openly and honestly in our risk assessment process
  • Tell us about any safety risks that you are aware of
  • Notify us if someone else will be present during your treatment
  • Pay bills on time and provide as much notice as possible if needing to change or cancel appointments. (A cancellations fee may apply).
  • Share information about your condition including any medication you take.  
  • Advise us if you have
    • a pacemaker or heart condition
    • blood clots or have had a stroke
    • diabetes.
    • Seizures
    • Implantable devices
    • Allergies