Shaeron Murray

Shaeron Murray

Speech Pathologist

Shaeron completed her Masters of Speech Pathology degree, finishing in 2021. Prior to this, she has also successfully completed a Food Marketing Sciences (Hons) undergrad degree (UK) and Masters of Human Nutrition (Deakin Uni).

Shaeron has worked in acute, sub-acute, rehabilitation and community roles as an Allied Health Assistant, both in discipline specific and inter-disciplinary teams. During this time, and confirmed during clinical placement, she realised her passion was working with adults with acquired and degenerative neurological conditions in the community.

She enjoys problem-solving with clients to come to practical and functional goals to improve their (and their families) quality of life. During her time in the ABI unit, she came to appreciate that no two clients are the same, nor will they have the same goals, and as a clinician, you need to work with the client to find their motivation.

While Shaeron is yet to be published, she has had two posters accepted at the Allied Health Professionals Conference in years 2021 and 2016.

Outside of work, she likes to Zwift (online cycling), hiking, cooking, annoying her older teenage sons and chilling with her dog. She has recently started knitting but that is a dubious ‘skill’ at the moment.