Josie Weightman

Josie is a senior physiotherapist with more than 15 years of clinical neurological experience. She has worked with patients in both the private and public sectors, from those in hospital to those needing expert care in their home. Josie has worked closely with neurological clients with all different abilities to maximise their potential and to achieve their goals.

Josie has a keen interest in mentoring and has completed a graduate certificate in health professional education. She has taught practical classes at Monash and La Trobe Universities, teaching our future neurological physiotherapists.

Josie has a particular interest in working with clients post stroke as well as those with Parkinson’s Disease, MS and FND. She has extensive experience supporting clients with:

  • Gait disorders
  • Hemiplegia 
  • Ataxia and other coordination disorders
  • Balance disorders and falls prevention
  • High level mobility and return to sport

Josie supports her clients by:

  • Developing home training programs
  • Carer and family training
  • Exploring community exercise options
  • Specialised equipment prescription

Outside of work Josie enjoys spending time with her young family, drinking coffee and decorating cakes.

This year Josie will celebrate 2 years with IRS.


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