OT Week 2020 Resilience: Rebuild, recover, reengage

Resilience: Supporting our communities to rebuild, recover, and reengage

This year, Independent Rehabilitation Services (IRS) is celebrating Occupational Therapy Association (OTA) OT Week with a theme that is all about resilience, one trait that we as clinicians, healthcare participants and wider members of the community have had to embrace in 2020.

This is a call to arms to support our local communities following severe drought, devastating bushfires and now a global pandemic. This week signifies how we can support our hardest hit communities to rebuild, recover and reengage.

There are many challenges that the year 2020 has thrown our way and now is a time we celebrate our strengths and resilience to dust ourselves off and get back to engaging in meaningful activities that bring joy to our everyday lives.

Reengaging with Community based Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy supports all individuals of all abilities to engage in activities they find meaningful and purposeful. At IRS we take value in collaborating with our clients and their support networks to develop a tailored approach to therapy to achieve functional goals that are specific to your strengths, interests and everyday environments.

Occupational therapy at IRS focuses on holistic client centred care that takes into consideration all facets of wellbeing to ensure rehabilitation is specific to our clients unique needs.

Celebrating OT Week at IRS

This year our team at IRS are hosting a lunch through the digital video platform we (and our clients) know best, Zoom! While this year has looked  a little bit different for us all, with much of our day-to-day lives going virtual, we will take some time out to celebrate the incredible achievements our occupational therapy team has been fortunate to experience with our clients.

As occupational therapy clinicians we are inspired by our clients, their goals and aspirations and we heard about two amazing client stories from James and Diane. Even though it has been a turbulent past 6 months this has not stopped our clients fulfilling their personal achievements and smashing therapeutic goals. This is a time to empower our community and ‘click’ refresh.

OTA Events

OTA is hosting an interactive online event on October 27th. This event will showcase a selection of presenters to promote resilience in our communities. A panel of guest speakers will broadcast throughout the day, followed by breakout networking sessions where attendees can connect and discuss the concepts explored amongst each other with prominent occupational therapists. Register here.

OTA also has a number of other events scheduled around the country.

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